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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Goravara Kunita

Gorava dance or 'goravara kunita' a dance of the Shiva-cult is more popular in the Mysore region and North Karnataka regions.

Goravas are singing tribe from regions of Mysore, Shimoga, Belgaum and Dharwad districts. The artists of Gorava mela have immense abilities of oral communication and perception. They narrate stories of religious values.The dancers' foot moves in clock- wise and zig-zag form, there is no fixed choreography to these performers.

In South Karnataka (Mysore region) the 'Goravas' worship the diety called 'mudukutore mallikaarjuna'. They wear colorful costume like black and white woolen rug, fur cap (of black bear) and hold 'Damaru' (percussion instrument) and 'pillangoovi' (flute).

In North Karnataka the 'Goravas' worship "Mylara linga" (Shiva). They wear costume of black woolen rug and hang a bag (made of skin) on their shoulder. Some wear black-coat and white dhoti.

The 'Gorava' wears yellow powder on his forehead and also gives it as 'prasada' to his believed devotees. Artiste holds instrument like 'damaru' (percussion) sometime holds 'kolalu' (flute) and rarely few artiste wear on shoulder a small bronze bell few followers hold cowbells called 'paarigante'. In traditional context the 'Gorava' devotees dance in trance and some time bark like dogs. It is believed that the totem of the 'Mylaralinga' is dog.

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